Sonntag, 19. März 2023

New Edition: ebony and tapered nickel silver spine

The only Nickel silver in our part of the world. Our brass is 6mm strong. The nickel silver is available only in 5mm. So the spine needs to be a bit higher than in brassto have the same weight. Klaus made me a dovetail saw with a tapered spine 13 years ago. I love the tapered spine. The center of wieight is closer to the hand, So I decided zo give tapered spines another chance. The Problem: Our spine maker made me 5 before he died. So I'm not sure if I can make more than 5 of this. 250 mm 17 tpi 0,3 mm blade

Sonntag, 5. März 2023

cranked Gents saw

A special saw for a friends. A cranked gents saw, Apple handle. A cranked gent saw is used ti flush cut.


Sonntag, 12. Februar 2023

in between - a special saw

When Klaus and I started saw making we soon realised we had to make saws for our own, because saw making could be short and we didn't want to be without saws at the end of the adventure. So every now and then we made saws for ourselfs. When I spoke to Klaus lately he said he had some parts of a saw, he didn't finsch and can't finish it now. This was the very last handle he made and he too had the last german silve spine of our first series (Stock I found on ebay and never found it back again.) He send me the parts and I was happy to finish a saw quickly. 

So this is a very special saw and will be the only one with this details:

Dovetail Saw Ebony Ultimate Edition 

German Silver spine

Blade length 304mm (a shy imperial foot)

Cutting deepth 42mm

Pitch 15 tpi rip cut

Samstag, 14. Januar 2023

Dovetail Saw Pear from Klaus

I made this saw with wood Klaus harvested and dried himself. Dovetailsaw Pear 250mm long - 10" 43mm deep - 1 3/4" 17 TPI rip cut