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 Maintenance (weiter unten später auch in deutscher Sprache)


Basically our tools don't need much attention. The handles are finished in a way that will keep the look of the handle for a long time. Most of the handles are finished with Tru-Oil (Birchwood-Casey). It's a rather sturdy finish for a saw handle. Good shine and a rather reliable moisture resistance. It will be enough to wipe the handle from time to time with a dry rag. Once the shine get's lost, it will be enough to steelwool the handle slightly with 0000 steelwool. A little buffing and the shine will be back.

Some oily handle woods like Cocobolo or Olive get a finish of pure Carnauba wax. It's a good and long lasting finish though not that moisture resistant as a Tru-Oil finish is. But it will keep the handle shiny for years if it will get a wipe with a dry rag from time to time. Once you spot after a few years that the finish begins to fail, it's time to refinish the handle. We recommend Carnauba wax. If it won't be refinished, it still works fine, the handle will get some patina then.

The Ebony handles don't need any caretaking since this wood doesn't get a finish to make it shiny. The wood itself is treated in a way that it is shiny. It will maintain its look even if the user is working with moisty hands. After the use you literally can see, how the moisture evaporates. Wiped with a dry rag from time to time is all what will help to keep the beauty of the handle.

Spine and Screws

Brass spines do age. They are changing the colour to yellow and later on to brown. Nothing wrong with that, it's the normal way. If one wants to keep the brass light and shiny, it has to get a polish from time to time. Autosol works great.

A little number of saws has a spine of German Silver. This alloy doesn't age. It will keep its colour and its shine. Fingerprints can be wiped off easily. If the fingerprints haven't been wiped off for a longer time, a little polish with Autosol will make the spine to look like new.

The screws and nuts don't request any maintenance. The stainless steel will keep it's look. Unlike brass split nuts the stainless split nuts won't get any impacts after having been opened and closed many times.


Like all other high carbon steels, the 1095 spring steel that we use, will need some attention to prevent it from corrosion. Every saw will be delivered with an anti corrosion paper. If the saw will be stored with this paper, nothing unexpected will happen. Instead of this you can go with any rust prevention that you are used to use. E.g. Camelia oil or any wax works fine. We don't recommend Ballistol, it might interfere with the brass spine.


The tool is designed to stand hard use. As every high quality tool that was produced with little tolerances and with high attention to detail, it requests to be handeled with respect. Throwing the tool onto the bench after use wouldn't be a good idea. Even worse to drop it down from the bench. The latter almost always will cause serious damages. The normal use the tool stands with ease reliably for years.

If the tool gets nicks and nacks or even a damage, there's nothing that can't be repaired. Please get in touch with us, we'll work out a solution with you.

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