Samstag, 28. März 2015

German Silver

A special saw, the first saw Klaus made the handle for more than one year. Ebony, mother of pearl and nickel silver oder german silver. This is the first time we made a spine of this alloy. We are testing, if we can offer that option in future

Eine spezielle Säge, seit über einem Jahr die erste, bei der Klaus den Griff angefertigt hat. Und unsere erste mit einem Neusilber Rücken. Wir probiere gerade, ob das künftig eine Option sein kann.


  1. This saw looks amazing. I love the look, the materials look really good together.

  2. Stunning in its proportion and workmanship. Thanks for showing it.
    Bruce Mack

  3. Another beautiful saw. I guessed at 250 long x 33 depth of plate x 19mm for the spine. The depth of plate seems small, is that correct? For 19mm dovetails I suppose about perfect?

    1. You've a keen eye, Peter!

      Yes, it's a 10" saw with the spine depth of 18 mm and the blade depth of 34 mm. It's a fine joinery saw with the ultra thin blade of 0.3 mm (0.012"). This type of saw normally has a brass spine of 15 x 6 mm. Since the German silver blank for the spine had only 5 mm width, the depth was enlarged slightly to keep the weight similarly to the brass spine. So the balance of the saw wasn't changed.

      It's toothed at 17 tpi rip so it performs rather well within the range of 15 to 25 mm stock width.